Pressure Analysis Company (PAC) provides peace of mind to parents of youth athletes by allowing them to monitor the hits that their children take on the field. Our first product, SmackCap™, is a skullcap that wirelessly detects and delivers hit information in real time to our mobile app. The approach we are taking in monitoring hits gives us an advantage over our competition, and is proven to be more accurate and consistent as shown in a series of comparative tests at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The SmackCap™ skullcap tracks every hit, every time. Athletes wear the SmackCap™ under their helmet and when they are hit, our mobile app shows in real time where, how hard, and how many times they were hit during a game. Users can also view their athlete’s hit history over the course of a game, season, or their career. This information can be used to assess risk and performance levels as well as technique. We provide data that allows for the playing of contact sports under more informed conditions.