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  • 1 Million Cups Presentation

  • Our partnership with the Gladiators is in full swing and there's still time to sign up for pre-orders!

    It’s the middle of football season… …Arena football season, that is! Over the last several weeks, we’ve been working with the Duke City Gladiators athletes who have been wearing our hit detecting skullcaps. We’re also working with UNM to strengthen our data and the athletes have given us positive feedback about the wearability of the skullcaps. Thank you guys!

  • A shoutout to our fans!

    We are grateful for the fantastic year we have had, and I want to share our progress with you. Many of you are friends and family of the founders, and some of you were an important part of our customer validation process this summer. Thank you for all the time, and your input has helped us develop the SmackCAP and spread the word.

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