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Pressure Analysis Company Partners with Professional Football Team, Duke City Gladiators

Partner 3

Pressure Analysis Company (PAC) has formed a partnership that will help it take its sensor technology to the professional football gridiron. PAC has forged a new strategic partnership with the arena football team, Duke City Gladiators. “This agreement will allow us to get our product in front of the people who need it, and will wear it, and use it for the first time: professional football players,” said CEO Michelle Urban. “The data we’ll be able to record will not only help us develop the SmackCap sensors, but could help players, coaches and trainers at the highest levels of play refine their game.”

The team has agreed to allow PAC full access to its players, staff, marketing team and more throughout the season to show that professional teams are not blind to the dangers of contact sports, and to collect data that could help high school, college, and other professional players refine their playing. The Gladiators play in the Champions Indoor Football league using arena football rules. The games are fast, challenging, and the team’s second season of players is expecting to bring home a league championship in 2016.

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